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Selling Your First Home

One of the most important parts of successfully selling your home? Getting it staged to impress! If you're thinking of selling your Nashville home and need a little help navigating the process, here are the top five factors that make the biggest impression on potential buyers. Any questions? Don't hesitate to give me a call!

1. A GREAT First Impression

A good first impression can mean the difference between a buyer wanting to walk through your front door or keep driving by. Before you even put that "for sale"sign in your front yard, here are a few projects to get done.

Exterior Maintenance

Refreshing your paint, making minor roof repairs, replacing old shutters—these are all inexpensive updates to make that will go a long way with buyers, and you can totally tackle on your own.

Yard & Landscaping

Have a lawn? Make sure it's mowed. Got a garden? Put in some fresh plants and flowers. A front porch or patio? Put out some new furniture or a fresh doormat. It doesn't take much to make your yard look fresh and clean!

Clean & Clear

A house that looks like it's poorly kept can drive away buyers, so make sure your home is spick and span! Power wash the exterior and driveway, clean out your gutters, rake your sidewalks and yard, and sweep up your patio or entryway.

Minor Improvements

Exterior upgrades actually have some of the best Return on Investments of any home improvement projects. Simple changes like a new front door or garage doors, a new roof or deck, or a new mailbox can make a world of difference to buyers.

An Inviting Entry

Nothing says "Welcome Home!" to a new buyer like a warm and charming entry. Potted flowers, a seasonal wreath, new or cleaned lawn furniture, fresh house numbers—it all helps buyers feel welcome before they even step through the door.

2. Dust, Dirt, and Clutter

You've made a great first impression, and the buyer takes their first steps inside—you've come so far, so don't give them a reason to be anything less than impressed!

I know cleaning and organized might not be the most exciting way to spend your time, but it's absolutely necessary if you want to sell your home! Dirty and cluttered homes can make buyers feel stressed out, so here are a few ways to maximize your home's appeal.

Remove it:

Extra furniture or clutter around your home can make it feel cramped. Take the chance to get a head-start on packing, and downsize your excess items to create more space.

Clean it:

You might not notice the grime in your bathroom or dust bunnies in the corner, but buyers definitely will. When it comes to your home showing, your space should be the cleanest it's ever been. 

Replace it:

Got some old doorknobs? Scratched mirrors? Leaky faucets? Take the time to replace some of the worn-out things around your house and add a little extra appeal for buyers. 

Fix it:

Whether you have a sticky door, squeaky cabinets, or busted shower head, now is the time to finish any outstanding projects around the house.

3. A Warm Welcome

Now that your yard and porch are welcoming as ever and your rooms are cleaned out and cleaned up, you're all done...right? Well, almost—you just need to add the finishing touches. Cleaned and repaired homes go a long way with buyers, but they still need some character to make an impression.

Stage Your Home

Rearranging furniture to create a cozy atmosphere, adding seasonal decor like potted plants and flowers, and playing ambient music can elevate the home-showing experience.


Bright accent walls, family photos, kids' artwork hanging on the walls—these might all be great decor choices for your home, but they probably don't fit with the buyers' vision of the space.

Let in the Light

Not only is natural lighting a great mood-booster, but throwing open those curtains and letting the sunshine in can also make your home seem larger.

4. Sounds & Smells

You've come so far in getting your home ready, and it's almost finished! The last touch for the inside? Perfecting the smell. This is especially important for those with pets! Things like litter boxes, cages, and pet hair can not only make a space look less appealing, but also won't do you any favors when it comes to smelling fresh.

Bonus: Nothing makes a home smell truly welcoming and wonderful like fresh cookies, coffee or cider, or other homemade treats! If you don't have time to cook, just heat some cinnamon and vanilla on the stove or in the microwave for a similar aroma!

5. Don't Forget the Backyard!

If you've got a backyard, don't neglect it! It's a great space for outdoor entertaining, so emphasize the potential of the space by putting in some furniture or even a fire pit.

Make sure you also give it the same care you did the front of your home—mowing and raking, gardening and landscaping, and power washing and replacing.

Ready to Sell Your Nashville Home?

I know there are a lot of things to consider when selling your home, which is why I'm here to help. Take a little stress off your shoulders, and let me handle all the details for you—and ultimately make sure you walk away with the highest possible sales price for your home. Whenever you're ready to get started, just give me a call or shoot me an email! 

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