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10 Tips to Stage Your Home and WOW Your Buyers

Selling your Nashville home soon? Then it's time to get staging! First impressions count, which is why staging your home for potential buyers is one of the most important steps in the home-selling process. With these tips, you can make your home truly shine. Ready to get started? Let's begin.

The Exterior

It's time to create some curb appeal! From the moment a potential buyer sets their eyes on your home, you want them to be impressed. With just a few simple steps and improvements, you can turn the front of your home into a work of art. Here's how.

Keep it Clean, Neutral, and Bright

Start by removing any seasonal decorations or attention-grabbing lawn ornaments. Make sure the lawn is landscaped properly, the plants and bushes aren't overgrown, and the flowerbeds are thoroughly weeded and tidy.

Make the Front Porch Welcoming

Clean the windows and make sure the front door looks bright. Consider replacing any tarnished doorknobs or house numbers. Add a friendly welcome mat, and if you have any patio furniture make sure it is well taken care of and doesn't have any damage.

Spruce up outdoor areas

From the front lawn to the back yard, the exterior of your home should be attractive and inviting. Consider adding some outdoor furniture like a hammock, chairs and tables, or even a fire pit, to show potential buyers the lifestyle opportunities available with your home.

Cleaning & Repairs

It's time to clean like you've never cleaned before! When it comes to buyers touring your home, nothing will turn them off quite like major repair projects, clutter, or grime.

Finish repair projects

Have a project in your home you've been working on for a while? Make sure it's complete before scheduling any tours! Take care of any patches in the wall, scratches in the floorboards, and chipped paint. These issues, while tiny, are still highly noticeable to buyers—who are looking over your home with a fine-tooth comb.

Clear out the clutter

Go through every room in your home and aim to reduce all your belongings by half. Not only will this aid in thoroughly decluttering your home for buyers, it will make your move easier because you'll have fewer belongings to pack! Consider donating extra items to a local charity or having a yard sale to make a few extra bucks.

Clean, clean, and clean some more!

Time to get cleaning. Every single room in your home needs to shine from top to bottom. After decluttering, thoroughly wash all surfaces. Have the carpets professionally cleaned, polish all countertops, use a melamine foam eraser pad to remove scuffs from the walls, wipe down the baseboards, remove any and all dust, and do everything you can to clean your home within an inch of its life. Buyers will notice!

Interior Decor

Now that your home is thoroughly cleaned, it's time to think about decorating it! All in all, you want a decor that's neutral, clean, and bright.

Depersonalize your decor

Start by getting rid of all personalized decor. Take down family pictures, personal artwork, and anything that is too attention-grabbing. You may adore the knick knacks you've picked up from your travels, but buyers probably won't. Consider having a friend over to assess your work, and see if you've missed any other personal affects.

Create balance with furniture

Get rid of any large pieces of furniture that block entryways, take up too much space, or make a room feel "busy." You may even want to rent a storage unit to house any extra pieces. You want to have just enough furniture in your home to demonstrate the possibilities of the space, but not so much that it creates a cramped appearance.

The Final Details

It's all about the little details. This is your chance to add pops of color and warmth to show that house is more than just an expertly designed property—it's a home.

Increase your lighting

A dark room is a wasted room. Both natural sunlight and artificial lighting will make your home warm and welcoming, so do everything you can to make sure it shines! Open windows if the weather is nice, but at the very least make sure all the drapes are pulled back to let in sunlight. Increase the wattage of your lightbulbs throughout the home, and accent areas with table or floor lamps wherever you can.

Bring the outdoors inside

Bring in a vase of fresh, brightly colored flowers to create a charming aesthetic in your kitchen or dining room. Hanging plants on your front porch creates beauty and grace, and little splashes of nature throughout your home will bring a sense of balance to your home.

How to Sell Your Nashville Home

If you're ready to sell your Nashville home, then it's time to contact me, Tina Self. These staging tips are just the beginning of the expert advice and knowledge I can use to help you successfully sell your home. Give me a call today and let's get your home sold!