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Nashville Moving Tips

Nashville Moving Tips

Making Your Relocation Easier

Making a move is never easy. After all, you have to downsize what you have, pack up the rest, and get your house in shape, all while navigating the process of buying or renting a new place. It's easy to feel overwhelmed! The key to a successful and stress-free move? Be prepared. Use these tips and tricks to packing to ensure that moving day is a breeze!

Before You Move

Don't wait until the last minute! If you start packing and planning right away, you'll save yourself a lot of stress later. 

Organize and declutter

Starting with the rooms you use the least, work through each space, getting rid of what you don't need and packing up the rest of your items based on where they belong. 

Lighten the load

Yard sales, online marketplaces, thrift stores—there are tons of great ways to downsize some of your possessions. Less stuff means less packing to do! 

Change your address

The Post Office will need a few weeks notice before they start to transfer your mail to your new place, so be sure to give them plenty of forewarning before you move. 

Handy Packing Tips

  • Reinforce: Don't skimp on boxes! Make sure they're sturdy and reinforced, otherwise you'll have a mess on your hands. 
  • Innovate: Pack dishes, bowls, plates, and other glass objects vertically, rather than flat and stacked, and use spare clothing as extra padding.
  • Pack small: You're going to be hauling these boxes into a new place, so don't overpack them with too much weight.
  • Prevent leaks: Remove the tops of soaps, shampoos, and lotions and cover them with cling wrap, then twist the caps back on. You can also keep your jewelry from getting tangled by wrapping it up in plastic wrap.
  • Prepare: Create an "Open Me First" box with all the things you'll need ASAP, like toilet paper, soap, towels, box cutters, and paper dishes. Keep near the top of your pile of boxes!
  • Label, label, label! You don't want to have to rip open each box to figure out where it belongs! Label every box based on room, and your future self will thank you.

On Moving Day

Everything has been leading up to this moment: Moving Day has arrived. Here's what you should do to make sure things go smoothly for the next 24 hours! 

Keep important info

In case of emergency, you'll want things like a first aid kit, important documents, and moving paperwork close by. Put these things in a backpack that'll be with you at all times.

Take an overnight bag

If you make it to the house late at night or before the movers, you may need a few things that are buried away. Pack an overnight bag with clothes, sheets, towels, etc. 

Have phone numbers handy

Keep your moving foreman's information with you in case you need to contact your movers for any reason. It's also helpful to keep your Bill of Loading and shipment registration number easily accessible.

After You Move

Clean first

There aren't any couches or bookshelves blocking off the corners and hard to reach spaces, so put on some rubber gloves and get in a deep clean before you move in your things. 

Unpack by room

Unpacking can feel like it takes forever. Try creating a room-by-room schedule to break things up and keep yourself on track!

Enjoy your new home

Sit back, relax, and let yourself enjoy the feeling of this new space. After all, you worked hard to get here! 

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